Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Best Directories for SEO (Yes, They Still Have Value!)

There's no doubt that business directories still have value for SEO, particularly with local SEO.

With benefits like: natural link generation, citation building (for Google local SEO,) and targeted inbound marketing, getting your business listed on directories like Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Google+, YellowPages, LinkedIn, and countless other trusted directories, you can advance your business's local marketing efforts beyond the scope of just SEO.

However, in this short blog post, we are going to share a few of the best types of directories for SEO. These directories are often overlook yet offer the greatest value for SEO.

Vertical Directories

Whether you run a retail store or some other kind of local business, there is probably a local directory that is perfect for your business. Directories in a specific field can be perfect for generating more leads. Additionally, these types of directories offer a good source of relevant and inexpensive links that are best for SEO.


Just like standard vertical directories, associations for a local business can be a great source of targeted leads and traffic. In most cases, associations are considered the authority domain on a particular topic.

Most association memberships are reasonably prices, and members even source business to some other members. In addition to the link value and inbound marketing potential, having ties to authoritative associations can only help boost your reputation and local credibility as a brand.

BBB’s, Chambers of Commerce, other Local Websites

It’s better to conduct a Google search for your particular city and business directories. Some standard results will be chambers of commerce, local directories and other groups. In short order, with a profile listing of your business on a Chamber site or the BBB site, you can earn a powerful source of SEO-friendly links that are locally-relevant.


Localized Directories

Localized directories, like Yellowpages, are great to get some citations for Google plus local optimization. These websites are also occasionally ranked for localized searches. You will be able to choose from numerous websites. Submitting to these directories manually is never efficient. It’s better to hire a local search engine optimization company for the job.

How Directories Help with Local SEO

It’s very important to understand that Google always wants local business organizations to get links from some other local websites. There can’t be a better source than a trusted local directory relevant to your business. You can even get a contextual link in a news story or press release in local newspaper directories. A directory listing is very easy to submit, and gives better returns on your investment.

Local directory submissions are the most important way for local business organizations to get citations all over the internet. The best part is that you won’t have to invest a lot of money and time in creating relevant content. Not every online marketer has the time to write around 500-1000 words to get just a couple of links. However, many webmasters can easily submit the website to a few local directories every week.

It’s very important to hire professionals for the job. If you want your local SEO efforts to yield positive results, you should look for experienced, qualified and skilled local search engine optimization experts. A professional company will help you choose the best local directories for submissions, and make sure your website receives targeted traffic.

These days, you can look for organic SEO companies on the Internet. Most trusted local SEO service providers have their own websites where you can submit your queries and schedule an appointment. Since there are a lot of companies, you need to conduct an extensive research. This will help you make the best choice.

Friday, August 15, 2014

BookWear® Employee Thank You Gifts Win Big for Businesses

When it comes employee thank you gifts, it's not easy getting it right. Appreciative and well-received employee thank you gifts can be a complete game-changer in the workplace.

There's one company that's doing it right: BookWear®. BookWear® employee thank you gifts are unique, personalized, and customized to your company's liking.

Why BookWear® for Employee Thank You Gifts?

People remember surprises and when you combine an employee "Thank You" with a surprise package and gift, your message has impact. This "book" has your message and graphics printed on the cover. In a pile of mail, the recipient will choose this package to open because it's different, mysterious and creative. "Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool" says Harvard Business Review. Your surprise gift inside BookWear® will further connect the recipient to your message. It works. Choose from 30 gifts inside. Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard, or we'll mail it for you.

There are 25 hospitals in the Iowa Hospital Association. They all use BookWear® to emphatically communicate appreciation to their staff. "Caring for people is a massive responsibility, yet you have chosen to care and to make a difference. That difference will change lives, help people and make this community a stronger and better place to live. And for that, we say "Thank You." In five years they 25 hospitals have ordered more than 8,500 "books" to express their gratitude to their staff. It is a terrific team-building message and one where everybody wins.

BookWear® also specializes in college recruiting gifts, volunteer acquisition gifts, and much more. And beyond just a recruitment gifts, BookWear® "books" can be used as creative trade show swag, memorable branded giveaways, and other inspiring marketing applications. To learn more, visit

Berkeley's Dr. Mik Hamilton Evolves Practice as a Chiropractor

As one of the most reputable chiropractors in Berkeley, Dr. Mik Hamilton has evolved his chiropractic practice to the next level by adopting several unique systems, techniques, and technologies. The holistic and cutting-edge approach that Dr. Mik Hamilton offers his patients is based on The Pettibon System.

As the only chiropractic office in Berkeley that offers The Pettibon System approach, Hamilton Chiropractic provides integrative spinal restoration programs that include a variety of chiropractic treatments, unique tools, and functional exercises. In short, this advanced system that Dr. Mik Hamilton specializes in delivers profound and long lasting outcomes in his patients.

An Arsenal Unsurpassed by Other Chiropractors in Berkeley, CA

Since 1975, Berkeley chiropractor Dr. Mik Hamilton has been recognized as a pioneer in the chiropractic community of California. In addition to providing effective chiropractic care using The Pettibon System, Hamilton Chiropractic office in north Berkeley is home to a wide range of advanced technologies.

Critical to Dr. Mik Hamilton's chiropractic programs is the use of X-rays. After taking several X-rays of his patients, the Berkeley CA chiropractor makes measurements and determines angles of spinal displacement. This enables Hamilton to make calculated and precise spinal adjustments.

One of the most powerful tools in the Berkeley chiropractor's healing arsenal is laser therapy. Formally known as the K-Laser, chiropractic laser therapy emits a high power light laser to areas of the body that need healing and recovery. The laser therapy can help to reduce and relieve pain while stimulating cellular regeneration and healing.

Another highly sought-after technology that Dr. Mik Hamilton offers is disc decompression. Composed of a padded table that patients lie on horizontally, the disc decompression machine is designed to pull from opposite ends of the spine to decompress discs throughout the spine. During a session, the patient has complete control of the amount of pull or tension on the head and hips via a remote control. A vibration throughout the bed encourages disc decompression, and afterward, patients often claim feeling looser and better.

A Systems Approach to Chiropractic Care

What truly defines Dr. Mik Hamilton as the top chiropractor in Berkeley, CA is his personalized and proven approach to chiropractic care. Patients of Hamilton Chiropractic actualize sustainable and pain-free outcomes. Because his programs are often more long-term and blend a wide range of exercises and therapies, gradual changes are made to create balance and strength throughout the musclo-skeletal system.

The Pettibon System is a unique approach to chiropractic care that's beginning to grow in popularity as patients realize such profound results. With typical chiropractic programs with Dr. Mik Hamilton ranging from a many weeks to months, patients experience progressive changes, greater alignment and overall balance throughout their bodies. The systems approach of blending advanced technologies, like the K-Laser and disc decompression machine, with exercises, body weights, spinal adjustments, and bio-mechanics, patients of Hamilton Chiropractic are highly satisfied. Just check out the reviews of Hamilton Chiropractic on Google+. The testimonials distinguish Dr. Mik Hamilton among other chiropractors in Berkeley, CA.

To learn more, visit:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
(510) 526-3362

You can also connect with Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic by contacting his website online.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walz Scale Carves Niche in Truck Scale Rentals

Walz Scale has been providing truck scale rental for quite a number of years. The firm is well-known for being a global distributor of commercial and heavy-duty scales. It stocks a wide range of weighing scales that are suitable for industry as well as commercial applications.

Notable users and industries that use truck scales and heavy duty weighing equipment include mining, construction, agriculture, waste management, transport, chemicals, recycling, aggregate and many others.

Besides selling truck scale systems, Walz Scale also offers service support. It has a wide range of solutions that assist customers use the scales better. Other than selling the equipment, the company also rents out the scales to the public.

Types of Truck Scales Available

There are different types of truck scales available from Walz Scale. Each type will be appropriate for a specific application. Prior to renting one, it’s always important to think of the application at hand. The most common types are as follows:

  • Heavy duty axle scales: - Axle scales are usually made from heavy gauge steel aluminum. Portable axle scales are suited for very heavy objects and vehicles.
  • Portable truck scale: - Portable truck scales are simple scale made from steel. These portable truck scales comes in modules that can be assembled and re-assembled easily. The scale can be moved from one place to another and is suited for both off-road and on-road applications. Common areas of application include demolition, construction, logging, and agriculture.
  • Portable wheel weighers: - Wheel weighers the most portable truck scale. It features a flat panel that is placed under each wheel. The scale system can be used for light as well as heavy-duty applications.'

Benefits of Truck Scale Rentals

Truck scale rentals provide users with a wide range of benefits. Some of the most popular advantages include:
  • Short-term Use: - Many applications that require weighing will only last for a short period; for instance a construction, crop harvesting, or a one-off haulage. Renting the equipment ensures it will only be used during the exercise.
  • No Maintenance: - Maintaining truck scales can be a costly affair. It entails making certain they are protected from the elements, handled properly, regularly calibrated and more. However, when renting a scale, all these costs are borne by the leasing company.
  • Low Cost: - Truck scales are pricey equipment and also require skills to operate. Overtime, they will need to be repaired or serviced. This will cost a substantial amount of money. The cost of renting a scale is only the rental amount and nothing else.
  • Save Space: - A user who weighs objects on rare occasions may find that he lacks the space to store the equipment. Also, he may lack secure storage points. Renting the equipment relieves him of such worries.
Weighing loads or vehicles is necessary in many applications and industries. It may be done to ascertain the exact weight, or ensure the recommended load capacity is not exceeded. In applications that only last for a short while, it is more economical to rent the truck scale rather than buying it. Common scenarios include; crop harvesting season, construction, or moving a heavy load. Walz Scale offers various kinds of scales on rental terms.

The scales are well-maintained and almost new. They are regularly serviced and calibrated to provide high degree of accuracy. The truck scale rental features a large inventory to cater for the demand.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Neon South Takes Custom Tank Tops to Brighter Heights

When it comes to custom tank tops, no other clothing niche is filled with more self-starter success stories than the custom designer clothing business. Among these famous names include such brands as American Eagle, Torrid, and Hollister.

However, the face of the custom clothing industry has slowly began to turn to an online market. And in this new digital market, a name that has recently risen to carve their niche in custom tank tops is The Neon South.

The Neon South has filled this new role by providing a myriad of customizable neon tank tops for customers to browse and build. This customizability has become a popular addition on the face of the clothing industry.

Making it Easy to Design Custom Tank Tops

By using the website's "Design Studio," The Neon South has created custom tank tops easy and simple for their customers to obtain. This also allows customers the ability to custom make tops in mass (for gatherings or family get togethers). One popular new trend is for families to design custom tank tops and shirts for those attending a family reunion. This trend has also become apparent in corporate promotions, sororities, bachelorette and bachelor parties, fraternities, and church organizations. The intent to create a sense of team and comradeship.

The company has built a name for itself by building on the idea that customers can get designer clothing, literally designed by themselves. This theory has become popular among startups recently, with The Neon South proving the potential success in the idea of custom tank tops. The "Design Studio" allows customers to upload their own image for application onto custom tank tops or to simply design their own without an upload. The result being a unique piece of clothing that resonates with the creator.

The Neon South also offers the option to have custom tank tops designed by their own artists as opposed to done on their own. This allows them to see and approve any design while still getting a sense of individuality. Beyond custom tank tops, The Neon South also offers a plethora of pre-designed tops in their most popular styles and with their own most popular designs. This allows customers to purchase their clothing based on what is trending at the time.

Carving a Niche in Neon Tank Tops

The Neon South has proven the potential success in building a niche online marketplace that caters directly to their customers. Even more, the company has proven that customers are seeking more active ways to be involved in the design of their own clothing. This alone suggests a changing on the landscape of current fashion clothing.

The result being a break in the norm of what defines a "popular" clothing style. Instead, this suggests that customers would rather be unique. This could push for changes in more traditional clothing lines that sell clothing laced with similar logos and no differentiating style.

The company maintains its website at but is also active on a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This too hints at the changing front of the industry, suggesting that customers like the idea of their accessibility in the places that they purchase from.

Apart from tank tops, the site also sells sunglasses and vintage snapbacks.Check em out online to see everything The Neon South has to offer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Illinois Calibration Company OQ International

Illinois calibration company, OQ International, offers comprehensive calibration services for a wide range of measuring instruments. In short, OQI's calibration services focus on a unique calibration process: specialized instruments are checked and their measuring units are compared with the standard measuring units for the given device.

The given instruments are then re-aligned (or "calibrated") to the recommended standards to ensure the precision and accuracy when using the instrument to make future measurements. This process is critical in many different industries and professions, as calibrated instruments ensure measurements are accurate and precise in the data they yield.

Calibration Services Offered by OQI of Illinois

Among other things, the Illinois-based calibration company is best known for its wide array of calibration services offered as well as the quality that comes with them. At OQI, the members comprising the team of technicians and staff are well trained, educated and experienced.

Furthermore, they are all conversant with a wide array of different equipment, allowing calibration for different types of instruments and even technological equipment. As such, different professionals worldwide can get their equipment checked and calibrated to ensure effectiveness and accuracy. Furthermore, to effectively serve different clients, the staff is well versed with different countries’ standards as well as the international standard units.

At the Illinois calibration company's facility, clients can be guaranteed of:


The technicians of OQI are well trained and experienced with diverse instruments and equipment. Furthermore, only certified standards are used, ensuring reliability and hence accuracy when working.


Calibration is a vital task as it sets the standards for measurement of different things, including chemicals in drugs and electric voltage. Mistakes can hence be costly and even dangerous as wrong measurements may lead to unprecedented problems.

However, the calibration company relies on international as well as national standards when calibrating. Furthermore, there is a range of measuring equipment in place to ensure that minimal or no errors at all are done.


The calibration company in Illinois is one of the few well established and fully certified in the state of Illinois. All the technicians are well educated and trained. Furthermore, the latest equipment is used to measure and reset the standards on different instruments.

As such, clients are guaranteed of accuracy. Furthermore, the ample work force complemented by the equipment makes it possible to accurately and quickly calibrate different instruments.

The Importance of Instrument Calibration Services

The precision required in different industries and professions that require measurement make it necessary to ascertain the equipment’s accuracy regularly. This in turn ensures accuracy in the measuring process and safety in the final products.

As such, operations that ensure the measuring equipment is assessed and calibrated can take advantage of benefits like:

Precision - Among other things, calibration primarily ensures accuracy in the measuring equipment. This in turn ensures success in the final product. It also complies with the law as most countries demand precision when measuring and mixing ingredients.

Confidence - With the measuring equipment all checked out and calibrated, professional in different fields are better able to work confidently with the knowledge that the measurements are accurate and hence the outcome is more precise.

Furthermore, in addition to quality services and accuracy, the services offered are very affordable for different people in different industries. As such, everyone is able to benefit from the services and ensure accuracy when measuring.

Calibration is the best way to ensure accuracy and reliability in measuring equipment. For comprehensive calibration services, Illinois calibration company OQI offers the best services for a wide range of instruments at an affordable price.