Thursday, October 29, 2015

Multi-Dimensional Company Helps To Automate Businesses Of Illinois

Automation is one of the most highly-sought endeavors for most businesses that depend on technology. Companies incorporate the use of various software applications, equipment, templates, and cloud solutions to achieve dependable levels of automation and efficiency.

Similarly, mailing and labeling are popular requirements of many businesses and influence aspects of branding, recognition and professionalism among other things. With advancements of internet technologies, many businesses that help other businesses meet their goals for labeling, mailing and automation have sprung up and finding one should not be overwhelming.

In sophisticated and commercially-diverse regions like Illinois, landing such services is as simple as searching your browser. However, keen consideration and evaluation is needed to get top quality solutions. One recent company that is building incredible reputation for helping Illinois businesses automate various activities including labeling and mailing is Walz.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems of Illinois

Walz Label & Mailing Systems is not a new company in Illinois. In fact, Walz has been a local family owned business in the area since 1966 and is well known by residents.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems started out as an expansion of the former service spectrum that comprised offering small office services. With advancements in technology, the company expanded into labeling and mailing then later explored into automation.

The company is now an independent dealer focusing on meeting specialized business needs. They offer solutions that meet unique business requirements and budget as well as other specifications. The company has three broad divisions that revolutionize many business approaches. These divisions include the following:

Labeling Division 

They provide a wide array of labeling solutions ranging from handheld mobile computers, label printers, barcode scanners/readers, RFID readers, software, supplies and labeling consumables. They also offer wireless LAN products to connect different business department and facilitate B2B engagements. Walz have a broad list of options to choose from and you will find one that meets your budget and unique business needs.

Mailing Division 

Just like labeling, the mailing division is quite diverse and seek produce top quality mailing solutions. They offer mailing systems that include mailing machines, address printer products, tabbing and labeling, scales, pressure sealers and mail preparation and management software.

Walz also offers shipping solutions, document outsourcing and handling, receiving systems, variable data printers, office products and several mailing consumables. Whatever solution you are looking for, whether product or software, Walz have it and can guarantee different offers to give you the needed variety. What’s more, they are always open to come up with different models that will suite your special business needs.

Automation Division

The automation division and product solutions from Walz are designed to help businesses save time by facilitating mass production and servicing. Walz offers automation solutions that include conveyor systems, automatic box openers, cubing and checkweigher systems, picking systems, cold seal packing, custom robotics, print and apply as well as sortation, shipping and software systems.

These three divisions are unique and interdependent with a common goal to provide effective solutions that can be integrated in diverse business setups to meet different goals. The multi-division company has helped many businesses to automate their activities.

Walz also offer consultation and work with your leaders to come up with the perfect automation system. They are also renowned for top quality equipment and systems. What’s more, they offer training services, financial services and a strong service commitment.

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Local Equipment Dealer Grows Business With Online Land Pride Parts Sales

Land Pride, a branch of the Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. since 1986, has established its reputation as a leader for a wide range of landscaping and earthmoving equipment such as rotary cutters, lawn mowers, zero turns, grooming mowers, seeder, and rotary tillers.

Land Pride has continued to progress and advance its technology to provide high-quality equipment capable of taking any almost any job.

The greatest problem that most Land Pride equipment owners face is getting replacement parts in a timely manner. While shopping local may not even be an option for some rural residents in need of Land Pride parts, there are only a few online stores that offer Land Pride parts sales.

Enter: German Bliss

One local equipment dealer based in central Illinois recognized the high demand and weak supply for replacement parts and components for Land Pride equipment, among many others. That company is German Bliss. And not only do that strive to offer one of the greatest selections of Land Pride parts online, but they understand just how important it is to always get your equipment functioning as soon as possible and at its level best.

German Bliss was established over 70 years ago in the business of providing residents with various types of equipment for farming, landscaping, and earthmoving. Now, through the company's online parts store, customers can order original Land Pride replacement parts for virtually any model.

The online parts store has a large selection of OEM parts from some of the leading brands beyond Land Pride, such as Bush Hog, Befco, Gehl, and Rhino, to name just a few. Whether you need replacement Land Pride mower blades or hard to find Land Pride tiller parts, German Bliss has huge selection of replacement parts you need to keep your equipment always running.

Supply The Demand for Land Pride Parts

German Bliss understands that people from all over North America (and not just those from central Illinois) use Land Pride equipment. Many of these people are faced with a similar problem of getting genuine replacement parts for their Land Pride equipment. It is for this reason that German Bliss has invested a lot in trying to make genuine Land Pride replacement parts available to everyone on the planet. German Bliss is now selling these genuine parts online to ensure that they cater for all customers from any part of the globe.

German Bliss understands that time is equivalent to money and they can therefore get you all the parts you need to get back in action in just a click of a button. If their department is missing that specific replacement part you need, they can request for it in a single business day.

They have a huge stock of Land Pride parts for equipment ranging from seeders and tillers to zero-turn lawn mowers. Their shipping is also speedy and affordable. Their website provides for an opportunity where you can search for the part you require in just a minute. You only need to place your order online via their website, call their toll free number of 800-728-4734 or shoot their customer care department an order email. Your order can be processed almost immediately.

Online Leader With Honest Local Roots

Unlike other local dealers of Land Pride parts, German Bliss has grown from its initial roots in Central Illinois to 3 locations in the entire Illinois region. Add these two to a globally recognized online location and you can find a company dedicated to always fulfilling its customers’ requirements. Its online ordering platform is secure and flexible in that you can pay through PayPal, MasterCard and discover among others.

It is important to take full advantage of an online dealer committed to helping you get genuine replacement parts for your Land Pride equipment. German Bliss understands that not all customers can be able to physically visit their stores in Illinois, to purchase a replacement part for their machine. It is for this reason that the company started selling these products online. It saves you a lot of money, effort and time.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Walz Expands Into Mailing & Labeling System Solutions

Walz Label and Mailing Systems is a reputable company that was established in 1966 by Fred Walz and Patricia Walz as a family owned business automation company. The headquarters of Walz Label ( is located in central Illinois and the business offers several branches all throughout the state.

Walz Label and Mailing Systems offers automation solution for businesses so as to meet the needs of them. Growth is a must for great companies, and as technology changes, companies need to improve their internal equipment and resource in order to provide a sufficient level of solutions.

To help companies adapt the the changing technology in mailing, labeling, packaging, and shipping, Walz has expanded it business to include a mailing and a labeling division. Walz provides mailing system automation solutions for businesses all over the Midwest.

The company offers individually-tailored solutions to best suit an organization's specifications, budget, and support needs. Walz Label and Mailing Systems represents an independent dealer that stocks products from manufacturers that are world leading in the mailing systems industry.

Mailing Systems & Support Solutions

The new mailing system products and solutions that Walz has initiated focuses mainly on the products and solutions tailored for mailing operations ranging from small post offices to businesses. The labeling division of the company provides various products and supplies for data collection and identification. This division offers warehouse management options to pre-printed labels.

mailing systems

Both divisions of the company rely heavily o technologically advances mailing machines, postage meters, address printers, and various other products. There are jobs undertaken by Walz that require both divisions to work together. All the industry knowledge has to be incorporated in projects like those the demand the mailing systems of Walz.

Helping Clients Cut Costs & Allocate Resources

The dedication to client administration is dissimilar to anything that you have encountered anywhere else recently. While the vast majority of this entity's rivals use 800 numbers or outsource their call focus to offices over the globe. At Walz, you will be welcomed by a live individual, situated in one of our workplaces. Rather than cutting expenses connected with client administration, the put resources into their most imperative item.

In every business domain that specializes in labeling, production and packaging the need and search for advance machines and equipment is a must to make sure they can supply the best solution and production. Walz mailing machines and address printers don't just focus on parameters of technicality but also on the features of the machine like the multi-purpose feature.

Flexible Business Automation Solutions

The new divisions of Walz focus on implementing flexible and well designed, solutions for business communication at all times, both physically or digitally. This company will help to build, design and service the automation that handles the material solution to improve the capabilities of the customer and high returns on their investment. This will include apply and print, shipping, sorting, conveying weight checking dimensions, packaging and warehouse control equipment and also the IBOD that has changed the industry.

There are many remarkable benefits to acquiring Walz solutions. Some of these solutions include direct mail marketing and great customer support. Walz offers a professional mailing service that is sure to reach out client directly. The government postal service may not be able to make the necessary deliveries in the timely manner you desire. You will not be assured of the expected arrival times.

Learn more about the company by contacting them or visiting their address location at:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 877-971-1500

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Online Parts Store Offers One-Stop for Lawn Mower & Equipment Repair

German Bliss, a leading Illinois dealer of lawn mowers, landscaping and earthmoving equipment, replacement parts, and repair services has made it new business strides that have profoundly impacted the growth of the company. 

Recently this year, German Bliss has taken its parts division online, where replacement parts of leading brands for lawn mowers, rotary cutters, and landscaping equipment are made available for customers around the globe.

About German Bliss

German Bliss is a local company based in Illinois, dealing with all kinds of equipment, machinery, components and replacement parts for a wide range of products, some of which include equipment for lawn and landscaping, construction, agriculture, and recreation. This company has been offering great deals on machinery and equipment, as well as, replacement parts for new and used equipment.

The mission behind German Bliss is helping their customers to save money and at the same time get the replacement parts they have been searching for right on a single click. They have been dealing in replacement parts for a wide range of new equipment, Kubota tractors, used equipment for various uses, rental equipment and repairing work, making them the most sought after on the web.

Huge Selection of Replacement Parts

Expanding their business to online buyers, German Bliss now takes their replacement parts online for reaching customers all over the world. This giant leap made by the company makes them popular outside Illinois as well, with millions of targeted customers coming to know about them.

When visiting the German Bliss online parts store, buyers are having the option to search by name of any spare part for a range of equipment related to diverse uses across many industries. Specifications on replacement parts numbering over several thousands are now being available at their online parts store.

Secure Online Parts Buying

Buying spare parts online from German Bliss has become secure buying, with 24/7 online ordering being possible. They are also offering financing options on a whole range of replacement parts for equipment that are being used in different purposes. Buyers searching for replacement lawn mower blades and parts for specific brands of equipment will find this site an ideal one, where instant results in buying are obtained by just using the search option.

Other Benefits of Shopping The New Online Parts Store

Exclusive features of this online site of German Bliss which are helping their spare parts division reach millions of potential customers include easy navigation and searching options. From GEM parts to replacement parts of Kubota tractors and utility vehicles including the Polaris ATV’s and a range of other equipment for uses across diverse industries, this site has become a one stop solution for finding the parts of choice.

All replacement parts being available at this site are genuine and are sourced directly from the manufacturers of equipment, making German Bliss online store a reliable one. News on Summers Sales events and details of their brochure are available here. This company also undertakes repair of lawn mowers and is one of their specialized services, now being available for booking online.

With German Bliss and their service specials buoyed by the remarkable strength and versatility of their genuine replacement parts, you can be sure that your equipment is always running in top gear to deliver the best performance you can expect. There can be no better place than German Bliss when searching for spare parts and for adding more power to your equipment.

Learn more or contact German Bliss by following the address information of the company's headquarters:

German-Bliss Equipment
624 W. Spring Street
Princeville, IL 61559
Phone: 309-385-4316
Toll Free: 800-728-4734
Fax: 309-385-2540