Chiropractor Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley, CA

Berkeley chiropractor, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic, has progressed his practice to new heights by applying a number of highly effective techniques. His holistic and innovative approach centers on The Pettibon System, an integrative spinal restoration system that delivers profound and lasting results.

Since 1975 (nearing 40 years as an accomplished chiropractor,) has become one of the leading chiropractors in Berkeley CA and a reputable name throughout California's chiropractic community. In addition to specializing in The Pettibon System, Dr. Hamilton leverages a variety of advanced and innovative technologies, such disc decompression and laser therapy.

Also paramount to Dr. Hamilton's approach is his use of X-rays. He then take the X-rays of each patient he see to the drawing board (firm in the belief that there should be no guess work involved each program.) Dr. Hamilton's analysis involves making calculated measurements, and thus precise adjustments during every patient visit.

Why Dr. Hamilton Among Other Chiropractors in Berkeley?

But what truly separates Dr. Hamilton from other Berkeley chiropractors his are his advanced custom-tailored, proven chiropractic programs. In short, patients of Hamilton Chiropractic experience dramatic and sustainable results within weeks. The Pettibon System often more long-term as programs include a variety of integrative exercises and techniques.

Along with calculated adjustments from Dr. Mik Hamilton, patients engage in simple yet highly effective exercises. Some patients are prescribed with body weights (which are only worn for short periods of time). These are designed encourage gradual postural changes while balancing the musculoskeletal system.

The Pettibon System, although growing in popularity, is a unique practice that has yet to proliferate. With typical programs ranging from a several weeks to several months, patients progressively align, find balance, and become stronger. What distinguishes the programs designed by Berkeley chiropractor Dr. Mik Hamilton are the integration of disc decompression (or "spinal decompression") as well as the K-Laser therapy.

Powerful Weapons in Dr. Mik Hamilton Healing Arsenal

The disc decompression equipment at Hamilton Chiropractic is composed of a comfortable table that patients lay upon horizontally. Attachment straps are firmly fastened at the head (under the jaw and around the skull) and up around the hips pulling downward.

The patient has full control over head and hip tension with handheld control, and a comfortable yet firm tension is then applied in both directions while the table vibrates. Although it getting used to, patients grow to look forward to disc decompression and afterward feel a sense of rejuvenation and relief throughout the spine. Among the most powerful healing weapons in the Berkeley chiropractor's arsenal is the K-Laser.

Designed to send high power heat laser (in protocols that are completely safe and pain free), the laser therapy provided by Dr. Hamilton can significantly reduce and relieve pain, as well as stimulate rapid regeneration and healing in nearly any tissue of the body. In fact, some patients visit Hamilton Chiropractic specifically for the K-Laser treatment, as it accelerates the recovery process for all types of injuries.

Dr. Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic is a pioneer in Berkeley's chiropractic scene, let alone the state of California. If you'd like learn more about his practice, contact, or stop in his office found below.

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706

Phone: (510) 526-3362


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