Sport Sunscreen by SolRx

By submission, Epic Entrepreneur was prompted to get the inside scoop behind the best sport sunscreen from SolRx, a company that prides itself on producing an impressive line of performance sunscreens for all walks of life.

Infused with a patented WaterBlock blend for enduring protection against the sun, SolRx sport sunscreens have earned a reputation as some of the best. SolRx products are also broad-spectrum, meaning they provide reliable and sustainable protection against both UVA and UVB rays (while other competing sports sunscreens only cover UVA rays.)
Epic Sport Sunscreen

And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best sports sunscreen products by SolRx. Read on for more information about what makes SolRx so superior among athletic-centric sunscreens.

Long-Lasting, Water Immersion Protection

One thing that makes SolRx sunscreen products stand out from other competing sport sunscreens is their long-lasting, water immersion protection. In fact, SolRx teamed-up with AMA Testing Labs to develop a series of tests that would effectively measure the performance of the brand's WaterBlock formula.

In working with AMA Testing Labs to establish the experiment, SolRx was determined design a test that must be more rigid and clearly defined compared to other FDA/governmental agency testing protocols. The test would focus on measuring the formula's SPF rating after 8 hours of water immersion.

After the test, AMA Testing Labs confirmed that the WaterBlock blend behind SolRx sport sunscreen was completely water resistant for the 8 hour period.

Easy to Apply Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Sticks
Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Sticks

Popular among many different types of athletes, SolRx Zinc Stix are a wonderful product in the category of zinc oxide sunscreen sticks. Ideal for easy application and hours of dependable sun protection, zinc oxide sunscreen sticks provide an awesome option for runners, cyclists, swimmers, volleyball players, golfers, tennis players, and much more.

If you plan on hitting the golf course or tennis court, SolRx Zinc Stix are a highly-portable sport sunscreen product that can fit in a golf or tennis bag, cargo shorts pocket, a purse, or fanny pack. Fueled by the popularity of SolRx products, zinc sunscreen sticks are expected to revolutionize the access and application of sport sunscreen for athletes.

Sport Sunscreen That's Eco-friendly & Reef Safe

Sport Sunscreen by SolRx
To wrap-up what makes SolRx the best sports sunscreen on the market, we have to mention that it's both eco-friendly and reef safe. After being tested by the industry's leader in SPF waterproof testing, it is "impossible" for SolRx sunscreens (if properly applied to the skin) to deposit into bodies of water and onto ocean reefs.

Not only does SolRx SPF rating remain constant (retaining 97% of its SPF after 8 hours) but it's also one of the best options to go the extra step in conserving marine environments.

For more information about the sport sunscreen products behind this epic entrepreneur, visit the official website of SolRx.

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