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When it comes to the most epic chiropractors in Bloomington, IL, Bly Family Chiropractic office is composed of a highly trained staff who offers a wealth of advanced, cutting-edge chiropractic services.

Dr. Timothy Bly has earned a highly-acclaimed reputation as the top Bloomington, IL chiropractor, and combined with the resources and technology of his chiropractic office, Bly Family Chiropractic has become a leading source for chiropractic services in Bloomington and throughout central Illinois.

But what makes this chiropractic team so locally well-known?

Not Your Average Team of Bloomington, IL Chiropractors

At Bly Family Chiropractic, the chiropractors use a number of advanced adjusting techniques to better individuals' overall spinal biomechanics, all with the intention of minimizing nervous system interference. The Bloomington, IL chiropractors take unique approach per client using their professional judgment and years of experience.

Bly-Hillam Chiropractic offers the following spinal adjustment techniques for clients.

Cox Flexion-Distraction

With chiropractic services, a special table is used to traction the spine. This process helps to open-up the disc space between each vertebrae. As a result, the relieved pressure helps to restore natural shap and mobility.


Pulstar is a digital instrument that analyzes and adjusts an individual's spine by "tapping" on each vertebra of the spine, helping to align each into a healthier disposition.

Activator Methods®

In this unique system of spinal evaluation, the Bloomington, IL chiropractors apply the patient a handheld adjusting instrument. This device delivers a consistent, low-force thrust which brings the spine back into alignment.


In this chiropractic service, the initial phase is pinpointing which of the spine's vertebrae have lost normal function and positioning. The, a very-targeted and manual thrust is applied by the chiropractor to free-up locked or "stuck" joints in the spine.


In this modified spinal adjustment technique, a table is used to minimize the amount of energy needed to adjust the individual's spine.


In the Gonstead approach, the Bloomington, IL chiropractors rely on X-ray imaging as well as a heat-sensing instrument.

Bly Family Chiropractic is firm to the belief that "If chiropractic can help you, [they'll] let you know." For over 25 years, the highly-experienced Bloomington chiropractors of Bly Family Chiropractic have made their patients’ needs their top priority.

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